***Shawna Powell 85mph Hats May 1 at 6:02pm The amazing and always gorgeous woman at 85mph hat have saved the day again. I bought a hat last year from them and loved it so much until my children misplaced it. So I made sure to rush to them today to help me with my helmet hair. Thank you ladies.

***Renee Giles posted to 85mph Hats May 1,2014 I met some lovely ladies at a vendor booth outside the Gator Harley, Florida over the bikefest weekend. They had to offer, get this, hats that do not fall off of your head while you ride. I know what you are thinking. I thought the same. I thought as soon as the wind hits the bill my new hat will be on the side of the road with the rest off my hats that are suppose to stay on during a motorcycle ride. So, the hats were really nice and had an interesting concept with interchangeable parts. They had a wide variety for both men's and women's apparel. Me, being the hat junkie that I am, could not refuse a new hat. And they gave me a really sweet deal. Even guaranteed their product. So today I ride with the storm brewing up. I figure I can get a few more hours in before the rain. Yes, me and my 85 mph hat. I am on my way back out to the road and yes, the hat is still attached to my head! I did not loose it. Now don't get me wrong, just because it says 85 mph does not mean to go out there and speed! "And you can put a helemt on right over them." But this hat really does work and fits like a glove. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. I have heard many other good reviews. I would highly recommend spending your money on one of these hats. It is well worth it! Ride safe and have fun.

***Lara Gesek posted to‎85mph Hats April 30,2014 I purchased my first 85mph hat at Leesburg FL bike feast April 2014. My friend and bought one and I love it! It stays on and keeps my hair tangle free.

***Mary Gaddy-Burchfield posted to 85mph Hats October 31, 2013 I went to Rot Rally in 07, bought my 1st. hat. I luv my hat so much its now tha only hat I will wear. I've never had a hat that really fits me & looks good on me.Also its cool that I can change my headband, thank you so much.Mary from Granbury,Tx.

***August 12, 2012 Thank you!!!!!! Since 2006 riding from Chicago to Sturgis, SD each year, I have had to stop, often on the side of the road to fix my bandana. One year it flew off and I just rode without it and paid with 1/3 of my hair in my hairbrush that night and a half bottle of conditioner. This year, I purchased a hat. I wore it during the rally, including a trip to Deadwood and it stayed on. My true test was my ride home to Chicago. Riding on 90 to 35, there were plenty of trucks, trailers, double trailers and hat stayed on. When we made a gas stop, I checked my hat and readjusted it if I thought it was a little loose, no big deal. Let's just say I rode all 1000 miles home and still have my hat. NEVER did it fly off! Better than anything I arrived home tangle free!!!! I have very fine hair. Came home, took off my hat and was able to get a comb through without any issues!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 85MPH HATS!!!!!! Going to have to get a few more. Sandy P. Chicago, IL